Step 268: Shifting the Center of Gravity

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.”  ~Malala Yousafzai

Credit: Christina Koch – NASA (picture of her best friend’s 1st rocket launch headed towards the ISS)
Appreciate the details.  ​Discernment is based on the “Truth I believe.”  Tension is created when “what I think I believe” doesn’t match up to “the reality of what MUST be eliminated.”  How much FREE WILL does a Human Bean really have?  How much effort does it take to keep believing in Love?  It’s all starting to make sense now.  Ignoring the nitty-gritty-down-and-dirty does not make it go away.  Flowery words will NOT make the stench of decay go away.   For todayKarma is not a Cosmic Debt – it’s the Soul’s desire to experience life from many sides.  Think back to January 2015. We now experience the consequences of a Karmic choice – resetting a boundaryJanuary 19th – (compromised – who will save me – you were hoping for Batman but found Wonder Woman instead).  March 22nd –  a discovery was made and the question to be answered was – “would I choose to live the same life if I knew what was going to happen in advance?”  May 3rdcould you trust someone to look out for your best interests now – if you couldn’t trust them back thenJune 19th – the question was “how far do you wanna go and how much are you willing to risk?”  June 26thwhen you think about God and Truth – who do you think about?    No matter how wise and mature we become – there is an Innocence Within that is able to embrace the utter clarity of simplicity Remember – when you watch the Sun rise or set – it’s the Earth that is turning to create the rising or setting of the Sun.  The Sun does not revolve around Earth – we orbit the Sun!  Baby steps – over time – make for Big LeapsKeep it real – take a pause if necessary to still the Mind and listen to the Soul’s Intelligence.  When unsure of the meaning or intent of someone’s words – it’s ok to ask, “what do you mean by that exactly?”  Don’t be shy.  Be yourself – you are more awesome that you can possibly imagine – be fearless in protecting your good fortune and stay steady when resetting boundariesAll is well!   ❤

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