Step 265:  Autumn Equinox – All Things Equal

“I like life.  I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all I still know that just to be alive is a grand thing.”  ~Agatha Christie

October begins at the end of September.  Endings are planned during Beginnings.  Human believes we are “moving into-toward the future.”  What if we were to discover that we are actually traveling into-toward the “past” – because the “future” is coming up from behind usIt’s a Paradox.  Human Law says – “Reason is the Soul of Law.”  Natural Law balances what is NOT balanced.  Mother Nature trumps Human Law.  For today – an Inner Gift arrives. Look for unexpected goodnessNature is about to make a splash by revealing the “Beauty of Death” with the season change It’s inevitable.  Something is ending.  Something is beginning.  Injustice.  Delusion.  Distorted Reality.  Mental ‘twist and turn.‘  Self honesty is important – especially if/when we discover we’ve been compromised and given pieces of Self away.  The good news – it’s time to ‘cycle back around‘ and  we get another chance. The question is – “what did I NOT notice the last time?”  Social Austerity.  All that’s happening is a habitual behavior is being brought to our attention.  We can take responsibility for Self – or – blame Other.   Human seeks meaning and purpose – it’s the most basic understanding of “what’s the point?”  Dismiss nothing.  All is well! ❤

“We often talk about Hurricane Katrina and 9/11 in terms of failures: failures of intelligence, failures of planning, failures of communication. But these catastrophes were first and foremost failures of imagination. Did we know that a major hurricane could destroy New Orleans? Yes: it was even part of the tour guides’ spiel. Did we know terrorists wanted to bring down the World Trade Center? Yes: they made a credible attempt in 1993. And what did we do with what we knew? Nothing. Some disasters, I think, are so big and so awful they are literally beyond our power to conceive. So, we dismiss them out of hand, retreat to the ‘knowledge’ that a thing can’t happen because, well, it just can’t.”
– Leonard Pitts, July 6, 2006  

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