Step 263: Uncommon Clarity

“Galvanize – (verb used with object) – to startle into sudden activity; stimulate.”

Credit: Tajba – Global Climate Strike (September 20th) – 4M participants globally! 
A Global Shift is underway.  What Holy Hypocrisy are you witnessing?  Cycles merge – mix – blend to create a kaleidoscope of creative change.  Tension creates movement and momentumSome are inspired.  Some are scared.  Some are disillusioned.  The Children are speaking up – putting the world on notice – that something’s gotta’ give.  If we keep doing the same thing – the same way – nothing will change.  Nature is a FORCE.  Human still believe She can be controlled. ~sighFor today – a new reality is coming into view.  Be gentle with Self during the Awakening and Rising Up transition.  Connect the dotsJanuary 18th | May 1st | June 15th & 16th (Father’s Day Weekend).  Rigid thoughts/beliefs about “how the world works – personally and collectively are being challenged.  Are you OK with that?  We’ll repeat the question next week and answer from Higher-Heart-Intelligence.  Have you noticed that new superpower yet – telepathic communication?  Think of it as getting an upgrade to your current WIFI connection – Galactic WIFI. Receive and perceive through Inner-Knowing and information beyond the normal scope of perception.  Rearranging the Telepathic Mind.  Myths – Legends – Fairy-Tales are revealed for what they are – Collective Agreements.  It’s a Reality Check for “The Gilded Age.”  There will be much clean-up ahead.  Sort – Sift and decide what NEEDS to be eliminated.  Make a plan – consider options – have faith.  Surprise – you are the one you’ve been waiting for.  I am in control of me and only me!  All is well!

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