Step 255: Harvest

“Bone Fides – (noun) – good faith; absence of fraud or deceit; being exactly as claims or appearances indicate.”

Weird – Wild – WonderfulMaybe – Maybe Not.  Depends on perspective.    Exclusion rips US apart (especially when we exclude Self).  Human must see/hear/experience something at least 3 times before integration occurs.  Acceptance is required to make the change.  Courage is needed to take action. It’s been 29 years in the making!  For today – Connect dots “A-Gain” for best reset results.  Macro-to-Micro. A cycle that started in May/June 2009 is bringing to the surface the shadow of Reality and Illusion. Remember back to around January 13th – June 16th – March 6th.  What’s being exaggerated in your life right now?  Mixed messages raise BIG QUESTIONS.  Those questions need Heart-Based-Answers.  Not a distorted and unrealistic fantasy – but sincere – from the Heart.  Find a moment or more and ask “what is the Greater Intelligence Guidance being offered to me, right now?”  Then listen quietly.  We’re transitioning from Hero to S/Hero – which means blending Mind and Soul.  We’re transitioning from Victim-Status into Survivor-Status. It takes Time. The Universe has Time.  Human is in a hurry.  Go outside tonight and look at that beautiful Moon hanging in the sky – knowing – there is a Greater Intelligence – than the Human Mind can comprehend – that keeps the Universe moving in a perfectly choreographed ballet.  If IT can do that – I can rest easy knowing that I am part of that Universe and I too – am being held in perfect balance too.  That’s what my Heart tells me – no matter how much my Mind scurries around saying otherwise. Self-Actualization is a Western concept – click here to see how the Western Model compares to Other Models.  Just be yourself – that’s all that’s required!  You are loved.  All is well!

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