Step 254: Situational Awareness

“Your life would not make a good book.  Don’t even try.”  ~Fran Lebowitz

How can we solve our problems when we cannot agree which ones are real?  Ideas without action remain locked away inside our brain-cells.  No one enjoys being trapped in an inaccurate assumption.   It takes great courage for Human to change – even in so-called “normal circumstances.”  Truth has to be recognized and accepted.  For today – Compassion is recognizing that we each co-create our own experiences for individual Soul-Growth.  There is great potential for purity and clarity.  How much do you trust yourself –  your CreatorWould you trust IT if you were asked to give up an advantage – relationship – situation – in order to walk into the Unknown in order to entertain a New PossibilityCourage would be necessary.  Courage is a trait that is forged ​and developed over time.  Practice.  Making difficult decisions builds courage. Is it time to clear the air?  Use courage to look at misunderstandings and miscommunicationsespecially the stuff no one likes to look at – let alone discuss out loud – in the light of day!  Balance can be regained and restored.  Help is on the way – say “thank you” when IT arrives!  Be yourself – Be your own Shero – you have more courage than you realize – understand – or can comprehend right nowIt’s time to discover something of great value in a most unexpected placeAll is well! ❤ ❤ ❤ 

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