Step 250:  Sunday Blessings – Unraveling

“Embosom – (verb used with object) – to cherish; foster (to make [someone or something] be in [a condition or space].”

Disarranging order opens up greater awareness and new possibility.  Revel and rejoice in ‘mistakes.‘  Discombobulation creates space for “Cosmic Force” to provide insight.  Simple is not always easyFaith – Hope – Compassion – Forgiveness.  We are each being given a ‘glimpse of January 2020today.  Is there any unfinished business from the first 6 months of 2019 – still hanging around?  Tidy up please.  For today – Many are ‘waking up.‘  Some are ‘waking down.‘   We are all ‘right-on-time.‘  Waiting to deal with uncomfortable truth only feeds an unbearable situation.  Resentment is nothing more than anger at having to please anotherIf you’ve been keeping your head above waterstart swimming for the shoreTrust yourself above all others.  It takes courage to leave the past behind.  It takes a S/Hero to ‘wave goodbye‘ to old Self.  Do not try to walk in anyone else’s shoes – do not judge anyone.  It’s their “stuff” – not mine.  Give “self-love” more than lip-service – – take action.  That’s called LIBERATION!  Welcome to another beginning – the future is rising over the horizon.  Which way shall I go – forward or backwardIt’s a personal choice.  Enjoy the ride and wave goodbye – if you’re ready – if not – life always cycles back around!  All is well!   ❤ ❤ ❤

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