Step 249: Shape-Shifting

“Germane – (adjective) – being relevant and appropriate; fitting.” 

Bubbles and prisms distort Light – which Human projects onto others – and the Outer-WorldMind bows to the Heart.  Small change begets larger change.  It happens naturally – over time.  It looks like a big “messy picture.”  Defect reduction.  Details – Details – Details.  How much is too much?  Humans seeks perfection.  Instead – Truth gets washed up on the beach.  We call it “error.”  For today –  be OK with dancing in uncertainty between expansion and contraction. There can be no movement with tension.  It may require standing outside “my comfort zone.”  Inner conflict is mirrored outside Self.  There’s a good chance you get to see why “it had to be this way.”  Be flexible.  Be open.  Piece-by-piece.  Step-by-step.  Brain fog clears. Do you believe in Guardian Angels or Invisible Helpers?  Please trust the Intelligence that is guiding you – whatever you call it.  There is Order in the Chaos.  Consider that it’s time to start smoothing out the edges now.  Be gentle with Self and Other.  Quiet and casual exploration works wonders for the Soul.  Above all – Be Yourself!  You’ve got this!  All is well! ❤ ❤ ❤

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