Step 246: Just Notice!

“You’ve got to find a way to say it without saying it.”  ~Duke Ellington

When we keep doing the same thing – in the same way – we get the same results.  Human doesn’t FIGHT to win – Human fights to “NOT LOSE.”  For today – the weather forecast is “cloudy with a chance of clarity.”  Just notice.  Before making BIG decisions it’s helpful to do a “rough draft.”  Just notice.  Then “sleep on it.”  Consider today a Holy Day!  Am I honoring MY choicesJust notice.  If the Mind looks backward – forgiveness and/or healing may be callingJust notice. Something is revealedJust notice.  Think back to around April 10th-11th.  You wished for something – do you rememberJust notice.  Every thought – deed – word – action is recorded and – – in accordance with Divine Timing – – will be brought to life.  Nothing is EVER lost or forgotten.  Just notice.  The problem Human runs into is a lack of patience for the Magic to be conjured.  When something appears – we ask – “what is this and where did it come from?”  It rarely shows up as we were expecting.  Just noticeAll is well!    ❤ ❤ ❤

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