Step 244: Chapter 9 – Harness Momentum

“Extemporize – (verb) – to do something extemporaneous: improvise, especially: to compose, perform or speak on the spur of the moment.  To get along in a makeshift manner.”

What’s your favorite “why?”  Why does _________ keep happening?  Harvest-time!  The reason history repeats itself is because Human prefers to ignore “failure” believing it has nothing to “teach me.”  ~~sigh~~  When “failure” is invisible – seductive mistakes are invisibleTime – Love – Death.  It’s part of the Human Experience For todayBe the Observer.  Define success and failure from Human Perspective — THEN — define success and failure from the Soul PerspectiveEXPECTATIONcauses disappointmentBALANCEIdeal versus Reality.  Be optimistic.  Be confident.  Be aware of Self’s Agenda – Other’s Agenda – Soul AgendaPay attention to ALL details of success AND failure. Karma is NOT a Cosmic Debt – it is the ability to “experience life from all sides.”  Keep it simple.  Stop over-explaining.  Before taking action – consider running it through the “Truth-Expectation-Agenda-Filter.”  It’s your favorite “why.”  And now we know.  For best results – be honest with Self and include “failure” in all equations addressing potential success!  The bigger question is “who decided the definition of success AND failure?”   Harness current Momentum.  Lean and clean.  Be kind. Be generous with smiles – laughter – hugs!  You are loved!  All is well!  ❤ ❤ ❤

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