Step 235: The Art of Bowing

Textlationship – (noun) – a relationship or association between people who text each other frequently, but rarely if ever interact with each other in person.” 

It is through “the other” that Self learns.  Think back to October 2017.  Relationships challenge Human.  Balance.  Masculine.  Feminine.   Is it possible to have both freedom and be in relationshipLove (not seduction and falling ‘in love’) means Union – and “Union” occurs when 2 freedoms – 2 subjects bow to each other.  Other is not there to fulfill a “lack,” but rather to create Union between 2 whole Beings.  Real love MUST concern the Other – i.e. – “I love you, will you allow me to love you?” is the question to consider.  Other is a free Being too.  Faith grows with the spiritual support of another Soul who is on your wavelength! For todaywho are you Bowing to?  Who Bows to you?  It’s time for a Relationship-Reset.  The Invisible is working its Magic.  Creating a Convergence to bring those of “like-mind” together.  Alignment.  Expect clarity and illumination in regards to relationships.  “Now I see.”  Look at progress or not since October 2017.  This is a chance to begin again – redefine relationship.  Be honest.  Be kind.  Be Yourself.  Love yourself.  You are loved.  All is well!  ❤


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