Step 230: Re-Pattern the Future

“Feathers fall from the sky unexpectedly – but not without purpose.”  ~Luca Danni

Credit: Dario Giannobile

Where are “YOU” – IN your list of “things-to-do?”  Get ducks in a row.  Practical perspective.  Shift – delete – transform – repeat.  When we get lost in the ‘trees‘ we can’t see the forest.  It’s called “Planned Obsolescence” – it means creating something that is built to fail – to endSocial Responsibility.  How do you participate?  Earth-Quaker OR Dust Shaker?   Effort + Energy = Balance.  For today attitude determines experience.  Slow down.  Feet on the ground. Get organized.  If you woke up today – that means LIFE showed up for you – how do you show up for Life?  Perhaps the Soul planned – before birth – to bring about this Natural Conclusion.  The Mind will scurry about trying to “make sense of it all.”  The question is NOT – WHY – rather ask “WHY NOT?”  We’re in the process of realigning Body + Soul + Mind to re-pattern “the future.”   All work together – hopefully.  When they don’t – life gets out of “whack.”  We create the future moment-by-moment – – step-by-step.  You can be angry about it – OR – you can consider that just perhaps – there is a Greater Intelligence at work.  Our perception of Time is being re-oriented to True Norththe Soul’s Compass – Soul TimeNothing is as it appearsNo one KNOWS everything.  No one owns the Truth.  The answers are in front of us – we can’t see them – YET.  It’s important to TRUST SELF.  Listen to your Inner AllyBe flexible.  Adapt.  It’s a transition week.  Pay attention to synchronicity – unexpected Insight – out-of-the-blue Innovation.  Life is not for the faint of Heart and – no one alive has been where we are now.  We’re HERE together – right nowAll is well.  ❤ ❤ ❤

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