Step 222: Sunday Blessings – Changing Direction!

“Demarche – (noun) – A course of action: manuever.  A diplomatic initiative.  Petition of protest presented through diplomatic channels.”  
Credit: Alana Fairchild
Masculine power HIDES deep within the Feminine – Progress is inevitableAre you excited – maybe a little scared?  The trick is be aware while being tested by circumstances beyond “my control.”  Life urges ALL to grow beyond the security of the KNOWN.  One of the best ways – to get Human to grow – is to expose our investment in the Status Quo.  It’s easy to recognize it’s happening.  It’s called “sweating the small stuff.”  ​The Mind gets freaked out – it’s like chasing a wild animal when you look away for just a moment.  For todayStruggle and reactions are a symptom of fatigue and weariness of the Heart – Mind – Body – Soul.  What kind of “food” is being fed to the Body AND the Soul?  When we’re ‘starving’ we’ll eat whatever is available – usually to the point that we overeat – left undernourished – uncomfortable and unhappy with the taste left in my mouth.  Look at what you’re feeding your Body AND Soul.  Stop scrounging for crumbs If something is leaving – let it go.  Notice connections.  Inspiration hits all of a sudden.  Old belief systems and deeply ingrained habits need adjusting.  Let go of shame and blame.  Dispense with doubt.  Be serious about the NEW that is coming into view.  Chances are it’s time for a Quantum Leap.  Expect serendipity.  Sparks fly .  It’s radical.  Messages from the Future find their way “back.”  What “feelsNATURAL?  You know what you’re doing – you’re really going to surprise yourself today!  You are loved!  All is well!  ❤ ❤ ❤

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