Step 219: Preparing to Land

“Aggregate – (noun) – a mass or body of units or parts somewhat loosely related to one another.  The whole sum or amount: sum total.”
One thing leads to another.  Feelings AND Reason.  The Mind desperately wants resolution – The Heart desperately wants integration.  Courage – Conviction – Creativity – Companionship.  Life IS neutral.  Human intention decides if it is ‘good OR bad.‘  Suffering occurs when Human tries to hold on to what is no longer needed.  For todayNotice details.  Ignoring what’s going on inside – gives it strength – and before we know it – the ‘ignored’ has inserted itself into daily life until “I get it.”  May need to reopen some unfinished business today.  Forgiveness is not about forgetting – it’s not about overlooking the past.  We can’t make something ‘good‘ that wasn’t so ‘good.‘  Doing that requires being dishonest with Self – and how it made “me” feel.  Forgiveness means seeing SELF and Other clearly – learning from the experience so I don’t repeat it again. It means seeing the circumstances of ‘other‘ and how they experienced life.  Feel what you feel.  Think what you thinkDo not discount Self.  Please don’t spray perfume on sh*t to make it more appealing.  Put your tray in the upright position and store items under your seat – we’re going to land the plane this weekendHere comes the futureReady or not!  Be true to Self.  Be kind.  Nothing is as it appears.  Be your own Shero and acknowledge the Paradox of what’s happening.  All is well! ❤ ❤ ❤

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