Step 216: Riding Sunbeams

“Intellection – (noun) – the action or process of understanding; the exercise of the intellect; reasoning.”




Breakthrough is part of the continuum.  We learn – through contrastwho we are and who we are not.   We learn how life works and how it doesn’t.  Separate ‘real‘ from ‘unreal.‘  Vulnerability is the price of intimacy.  Confession is the price of trust.  No one has it figured out – “I am not alone!”  For today – Celebrate those relationships/situations that failed – especially those you tried desperately – to keep the same as it always wasObstacles revealed.  Leave the ‘baggage’ behind.  The past comes back around one more time this week.  Think back to around June 26th. There are 2 forces working on Human – the Mind and the Heart.  We’re headed towards a Convergence this weekend.  Quantum Leap ahead.  Trust yourself to KNOW when it’s time to make “my Leap.”  What is your passionWhat name have you given it?  Can you describe “how” it makes you feel?  Be yourself.  Be your own Shero.  Be your own guru.  You are loved – more than you can imagine!  All is well!   ❤

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