Step 215: Sunday Blessings – Cosmic Union

“Ineffable – (adjective) – too big or extreme for words to express. Not to be spoken of due to its sacredness. Indescribable.”


Truth resides on the other side of fear – greed – controlPower Up!  Separate the “real” from the “unreal.”  Embrace the contradiction. Hope and Hopelessness.  Meaning and Flatness.  Anxiety and Rest.  It’s a balancing act.  Are there any Silent Screams trapped in your body?   You’re tracking with something that you know is where you belongsomething close to your Heart that seems to have been lost. For today – Those things that once brought peace are no longer valid.  By ignoring it – Human hoped it would just ‘go away.‘  We each Co-Create with ‘my Soul.‘  Cosmic Union.  Love and greed can blind Human to the Truth. How much do you trust yourself?  Bruised ego and pride – carried too long – create doubt and shame. Everyone is being tested to see if “I trust myself” enough to see the Inner Light/God/Goddess – whatever you call it- can you SEE the SEED of Light Within?   It is magnificent.  Resplendent in Grace.  Expect an Inner Prompt to speak the “unspoken.”  It takes courage to ask for help – to draw a clear boundary – or recognize the ‘shadow of projection’ that keeps self-sabotage alive.  Listen from the Heart – NOT Ego.  The question – “is this situation/relationship what’s best for the ‘greater good?‘  Answer honestly.  It’s an Initiation. Adjust as needed.  Be your own SHERO.  All is well!   ❤

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