Step 214: Plot Twist

“Vinculum – (noun) – a bond signifying union or unity; tie.”

The fog is starting to clear.  Coming to terms.  Acceptance.  Agreement.  Moving on.  Letting go.  Things often work out better than we expect.  It’s called an “Unexpected Twist of Fate” – and often brings a much desired Turning Point.   When we get ‘lost in the trees we can’t see the ‘forest.‘  For today – Here comes an adjustment on Life’s Path.  The pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together.  Be open to change.  Embrace new ideas.  “Are we all on the same page?”  Double check.  Is there a ‘double-standard’ working overtime in life?  Check that too.  Effort + creativity = progress.  Steady.  Stay neutral.  Focus.  Adapt to the changes happening.  Include ALL POINTS OF VIEW for best results!   Maintain integrity in the midst of tremendous pressure exerted from outside to be something different – something that fits in to the narrow-minded prejudices and biases of other people Be yourself – your Real-Self – your best “Best-Self.”  Something NEW is being introduced todayPay attention. Have faith – you’re MUCH stronger than you realize – AND – we are all unique.  All is well!  ❤

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