Step 213: Un-(re)-Pressed

“Clarion – (adjective) – brilliantly clear; also: loud and clear.”

Credit: Motivate Us

Which comes first – the lesson – OR – the experience?  Self-evident.  Stating the obvious.  Discontent Divine!  The lesson will repeat until it has been INTEGRATED deep in your bones.  Truth is the Wisdom of ExperienceThat feeling of contraction is the Status-Quo collapsing in on itself.  It’s NOT a pleasant experience.  Ego is impatient – Essence is comfortable in its own skinFor today – Expect the unexpected as the Unconventional Heart is waking up.  Human wants to be FREE.  Freedom is a Paradox. We’re already FREE – we simply don’t recognize it.  Sometimes it takes Human awhile to see an open door and to move through it. The pressure will continue until the fear of change is overcome by the desire for change.  Deep yearning is the pain of a Heart Awakening.  Witness fear.  When Human is ready – the Leap will be made.  An 80 year old KNOWS what a 60 year old doesn’t KNOW.  A 60 year old KNOWS what a 40 year old doesn’t KNOW.  A 40 year old KNOWS what a 20 year old doesn’t KNOW.  Maturity is part of the Life CycleBe kind – laugh at it – yes – it’s a great big ParadoxSLOW DOWNUnrepress Self!  All is well!  ❤

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