Step 211: Quest of the Heart

“Quickening – (verb used w/ object) – to make more rapid, accelerate, hasten; stimulate, stir up, restore activity or vigor; revive, restore life to…”

Life is patient and benevolent. Noble Truth. If we miss a lesson it will keep coming around until we reach understanding and resolution.  There is a BIG difference in “learning” and “experiencing.”  How difficult is it to “bend my rules of Love” to allow others the freedom of choiceYes – it’s a trick question – for sure!    Dystopia-shaken-not-stirred!  Life isn’t for the faint of heart – is it?  For todayPlant seeds.  Happiness is based on circumstances.  Joy is what “sustains” us – even in the face of adversityThe Soul-Path requires courage and the Heart of a LionTo have more – space must be created.  Evolution is working on each of us. Nature has no preference between the Hunter and the Hunted – the Cheater and the CheatedPolarity balances out in the end.  It’s Natural Law and Human is not equipped to understand the Genius of Life.  It’s a Mystery – it’s Wild – but WISE.  STAY NEUTRAL.  The Natives are restless.  Steady.  Inner focus and deep breaths – deeper exhales – as revelation – news – inspiration and insight are revealed.  Closing out July the threshold has been crossedWe are on our way – whatever that means to you!  Don’t worry about what THEY think – it’s “none of MY business.”  All is well!   ❤

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