Step 203: The Turnaround

“Desideratum – (noun) – something desired as essential.” 

Assimilation – Elimination.  It’s called “active-open-mindedness.”  People who exhibit this trait do something – alone or together – as a matter of routine that rarely occurs to most of us – they imagine their own views as hypotheses in need of testing.  They encourage others to help them disprove what they already believe. This is a learned behavior.  Time isn’t really speeding up – discernment is speeding upFor today – trust your instincts if it goes against the grain of what “everyone else believes.”  Need context?  Think back to around June 23rd Having the same conversation?  What steps can I take today to recreate a Soul-ution that benefits everyoneRecreate a Timeline.  Reverse engineering may be necessary.  Trust yourself.  Be your own Shero/Hero.  An unexpected harvest arrives.  Truth resides in the Heart Intelligence.  Question Self’s beliefs.  The Mind bows to the Heart.  Stop hiding behind limits and start dealing with the issueShall we danceAll is well! ❤

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