Step 202: Once Upon a Time……

“There are many paths, but one journey.”  ~Naomi Judd

In Chapter One of Alice – the White Rabbit is dressed in a waistcoat.  And what does Alice doWhy – she follows him down the Rabbit Hole – of course.  The decision was made and there was no turning back.  The journey has begun and it’s much bigger than you OR me.  By denying something existswe FEED it more POWERFor today – think back to late July 2018 (descending into the Rabbit Hole).  Today can go either way – it’s a personal choice (we’ve forgotten about the Rabbit Hole in July 2018).  We’re considering some “tough-love” choices. (What’s best for everyone?)  Human is shedding another layer – as reality requires Emotional Sobriety (maturity). The way others treat “me” has absolutely NO THING to do with “me.”  Let it BE “their stuff.”  What Rabbit Hole have you mysteriously fallen into?  “I” can save myself and it’s time to get OUT of the HoleWe’re in transition.  The situation is totally different now.  No one can depend on those qualities that served us so well in the past.  Use new skills.  Listen to the “fire in your belly” today.  That’s where authentic-self resides and authentic-self is the one that’s going to save the day!  Curating change.  Watch for openings – watch Nature for signs of change.  We are each responsible for the care of “my own Soul.”  You’re ready – trust thatAll is well!   ❤

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