Step 200: Grace & Grit

“Sempiternal – (adjective) – empathetically eternal, everlasting, without beginning of end.”

Recency Bias is the behavioral tendency to believe that patterns of the recent past will continue into the futurePurification removes the obstacles that distract from the Soul’s goals.  The path of least resistance is one option.  Go along to get along. Standing in truth and integrity – even when it goes against the tide of popular sentiment – requires courage.  At the core of the separation ‘out-there‘ is the anger at those who appear to be ‘different‘ are standing up for themselves.  Double-Standard!  Americans were taught to work hard and you can have anything/be anything you want – if you play by the rules.  Many believe they are not.  The disclaimer was not included in the original American Dream – which is – “yep – you can have it/be it as long as it doesn’t interfere with the status quo of the powers-that-be.

We’ve been operating under the influence of “trickle-down” economics and are in the process of making the transition into “trickle-up” economics (it will take about 7 years to make the transition).  It’s time to start addressing power imbalance in ALL relationships.  Over the next 6 months toxic elements are going to begin being purged – personally AND collectively.  If you consider yourself religious OR spiritual this is what you came to Earth for.  We all have a part to play in the unfolding drama called  “life on Earth – as the world turns.

Avoiding anything will not make it go away.  It will simply resurface – stronger and deeper – until we take the time to seek what is the driving need/desire to control or dominate another or others.  Human Ego is no match for the Force of the Universe.  Have faith.  Put a big red circle around August 9th – as much will be self-evident.  Do not waste precious energy on those who create division – turn and look instead – at those who keep silent for a “paycheck or future security.

For the weekend – consider the power of Androgyne.  Integration of both Masculine and FeminineBalance. Masculine clarity – discernment – practical application becomes tender – compassionate – and loving when Feminine energy is integrated.  Feminine nurturing – dedication – sense of connection becomes so FIERCE that discernment and wise action will naturally prevail when Masculine energy is integrated. Check motives when it comes to power struggles The Universe/God will not deny anyone their right to choose HATE or LOVE.  Look at your own shame – rage – vulnerability.  Can you feel it – touch it – experience it?  We can’t deal with anything purposefully “out-there” until the internal “Sh*t-Show” is dealt with.  Start low – go slow.  It increases tolerance and dispels fear.  Your Soul has called in reinforcements to help this weekend.  Give Self permission to experience life from ALL SIDESJust be yourself – you’re going to save yourself.  All is well!  ❤

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