Step 198: 2020 Vision

“Speculate – (verb) – to meditate or ponder on a subject; reflect; review something idly or casually and often inconclusively; to assume a business risk in hope of a gain; to take to be true on the basis of inconclusive evidence; theorize; to be curious or doubtful about; to wonder.

Retrospection.  Difficult it is – to imagine the scope of change aheadAffluence feeds the engine of war.  By needing more resources – nations fight for them.  Mother Earth will have the last ‘say’ in the matter – contrary to what Human believes. The Age of Indulgence is coming to a closeLESS is the “New More!”  For today – pay attention as serendipity brings an opportunity to build/strengthen ‘relationship currency.‘  Think back to around June 27th.  Start connecting dots (yesit’s VERY emotional). There will be one more ‘do-over‘ around August 11th Frustration is a tool for resetting boundaries.   Loyalty.  Unity.  Commitment.  Take a deep breath and exhale slowly.  Consider what life will look like in 2020.  Create a Vision.  Make a dream.  Consider “what does my Soul want?”  Look up.  Look down.  Look left.  Look right.  Look inside.  Look outside.  We learn from our mistakes. It is a Paradox and it’s called ‘unconditional love.’  Who is giving it and who is receiving it?  Consider ALL sides.  Listen to the quiet still Voice within.  Trust yourself.  Be yourself!  Be kind – be steady – have empathy – and please keep a sense of humor – when SEEING ALL SIDESAll is well! 




2 thoughts on “Step 198: 2020 Vision

    1. You’re most welcome Boo! We’re all in “it” together – we’ll all get through ‘it’ together – one way or the other. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly! ALL IS WELL!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOX 🙂

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