Step 194: Sunday Blessings – The Middle Way

Raison d’être – (noun) – reason or justification for being or existence.”

Deconstructing the “Status Quo” takes time – patience – perseverance. It creates conflict (which is usually based on unrealistic expectations fueled by desire). Respect and ReverenceKnow thy limits.  What part of “NO do you NOT understand?”  Banishing shame – guilt – fear.  Ladies – invite your Inner Masculine to set the boundariesGentlemenprotect the Inner Feminine in whatever form “SHE” appears.  Set the bar higher. Lean into expansion AND contraction.  Ride that wave.  Be your own Authority.  The Universe waits and watches for the Soul’s instructions – through Intention.  Just be yourself – you are more than enough.  Save yourself – you deserve it. There’s no going back.  Remain Neutral.  Stay Steady.  What’s the difference between ‘giving Love‘ and “Being Love?”  Get rest.  You are Love.  Time reveals all.  All is well!   ❤

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