Step 193: Radical Restructuring

“This is your Woodstock and it’s long overdue.”  ~Joan Baez opening Live Aid Concert at JFK Stadium July 13, 1985

The original use of the word ‘radical’ meant to ‘get to the root.‘  ​Unexpected events – accidents – and coincidences often force “radical restructuring.” Get to the root.  Think back one year ago today – July 13, 2018Seeds were planted.  Are you where you thought you would/wanted be a year ago?  Predicting the future is about as possible as a meteorologist predicting the weather correctly every single time.  ~sigh~  But – adjustments can be made to correct the trajectory desired.  Baby steps create Big Leaps. For today – Something is rising from the depths and chances are it’s not pretty.  It’s a secret that’s been so well hidden – “I didn’t even know I was keeping it a secret.”  There is great beauty in the ‘aweful ugly‘ – don’t look away.  It comes from the “roots” – – so it may take a day or two to come into the FULL LIGHT.  There are many shades of gray too.  Pay attention to each step and consider the difference between GIVING LOVEandBEING LOVE. There is a difference.  It’s about the healing power of hope coupled with discipline to create a desired result.  Be kind. Take the long-view.  Be generous with belly laughs.  Never forget how to laugh at yourself – laughter heals root’s wound.  It’s a paradox.  Hope without action is nothing more than wishing.  All is well! 


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