Step 192: Talking to Myself

“Sentience – (noun) – condition or character; capacity for sensation or feeling.”

Credit: Unknown

Calm – Steady – NeutralThe Universe is watching.  Are self-simulation and self-awareness the same thing?  Nothing is real until it is observed.  Be curious.  Is sentience the same thing as creativity – or – emotions?   We unconsciously choose to alter ’emotional details and feelings‘ for better – or – for worse – in order to make ourselves happier or more miserable. For today – we can choose to be a leaf blown around at the mercy of the Chaos-Storm – – or  – – we can learn how to be a WindwalkerOBSERVE self and othersWindwalkers use imagination to determine their own reality.  When “I” say “I love you” – – OR – – “I hate you” – – “I’m not talking to another – I am speaking to myself.”  Whoa!  The Kool-Aid-Hangover is starting to wear off.  Talk “nice” to yourself – validate yourself (never allow the Collective to determine self-worth).  Welcome to the Paradox.  Be kind and considerate.  Everyone is dealing with some ‘thing.‘  All is well!  ❤




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