Step 191: Wild Sourcing – Alchemy

“Peccable – (adjective) – liable to sin or error.” 

June/July are challenging.  We will see this energy again in December/January.  The ‘old normal‘ is being recreated.  Fire can provide warmth and comfort – or – it can cause total destruction – making room for new growth.  Water gives life to a desert traveler – but can drown those lost at sea.  No matter what is happening – can you TRUST there is a “bigger-picture-plan” – – and we each have a part to play?  For today – the Inner-Eye-of-the-Heart is beginning to open wide.  It’s Showtime!  It’s sacred and extraordinary. Making the change-over creates lots of chaos. We’re laying the foundation for the New Normal.  It’s natural to want to “get through this” – – or – – “accept what is” – – or – – “be healed-transformed-cured.”  Consider that it’s ALL part of the journey and without the experiences “I” cannot “BE” who “I AM Becoming.”  Pay attention to signs – symbols.  The subtle is alive.  It’s Alchemy – turning ‘sh*t into fertilizer.”  Take it one step at a time to fully experience the chaos.  Remember – New growth rises out of the ashes.  New possibilities. New relationships. New approaches to old problems. New acquaintances. New Knowledge. TRUST YOURSELF.  You are awesome – never forget that!  All is well!  ❤

2 thoughts on “Step 191: Wild Sourcing – Alchemy

  1. Completely, absolutely spot on for me…thank you so much…for the sign posts!! Love the gif as totally represents this entire week for me..and this elevation I am experiencing it all in..Namaste’…Blessings and Love from my Heart to yours❤☀️


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