Step 190: Roads Crossed

“Lionize – (verb) – to treat as an object of greater interest or importance.”

Be without fear.  Be willing to fail.  Humans are taught to be afraid to fail – and – to allow others to think for themExperts. Think back to July 2018.  How many miles have been traveled in the last year?  What do you want The Future to say about the person and the life you are creating in The Present?  For today – pay very close attention to what IS actually going on – – NOT – – what “my Mind” says is going on.  See from other’s point of view.  Be generous with empathy.  It’s called a “Milestone of Truth.”  Chances are good there is Divine Discontent stirring deep in the recesses of the Subconscious Soul.  When all is loved – lost – and fully lived – what matters most?  If unsure – take a moment and write what you’d like to appear on your Tombstone – or better yet – give your own Eulogy a “working title.”  Sudden clarity revealedBe kind to Self and others.  People are touchy and sensitive.  Listen to what is actually being said – not what is imagined.  We all have different communication styles.  Just because different words are used – doesn’t mean the feelings are “different.”  You are much further along that you realize!  Surprise – something is Emerging!  It’s a  Paradox.  Be your own Shero.  All is well!   ❤

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