Step 187: Sunday Blessings!

“Everywhen – (adverb) – all the time; always.”

The moment we attach a label to a person/place/thing/ situation is the moment we create limitation.  The time of bondage is over.  Letting goFor today – take a look – contemplate what it is you’ve been hiding from and “why have I been afraid?”  Hint – reflect on ALL labels you identify with – and it’s OK to say “goodbye” to labels.  If you are living and breathing on Earth – you are one of the most courageous Souls in the Universe!  Doubt and denial are falling apart.  As my grandma used to say – “life ain’t for the faint of Heart!”  Pay closer attention to “time” and “timing” as the Next Step reveals itself.  Shuffle – – Shift – – Let Go!  Be your own Shero – you are so much stronger than you know!  All is well!  ❤

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