Step 185: Observe (either AND or)

“The sum of my life is no more than these three sayings: I was raw.  I got cooked.  I got burned.”  ~Rumi

No one owns the Truth.  Nature does not favor the ‘hunter‘ or the ‘hunted.‘  Nature balances.  Opposition is an opportunity to experience ‘ebb and flow.’  Are you offended by ‘those people‘ who are ‘offended?‘  The tide is turning oh-so-slowly as we begin understanding that “I will cheat myself by NOT trying to understand the other.”   For today – the question is “am I a Soul inside a body – – OR – – am I body encased inside a Soul?”  What’s the difference?   Judge NO one.  Be kind to others.  Have some compassion.  See “other’s point of view.”  Assume nothing.  Let it be OK that “I don’t understand, right now.”  There is a Big-Picture-Plan in place that no Earthwalker has access to.  Everything – everything – is right on time!  What makes you feel ALIVE?  Time to flip the burgers!  All is well!  ❤


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