Step 184: When Freedom Rings – – Answer the Call

Small things matterJoy is both something to let in and something to create.  It nurtures and heals. Time changes perspective.  Is there’s a split between “what I think” and “how I feel?”  We’re halfway through a cycle that initiated September 17, 2013April 2025. We’ve been searching for something we could sink our teeth into – something meaningful – life sustaining.  Quantum physics tells us that by simply observing something – we change the outcome. Think back to the end of April 2019 – what was being eliminated from your life?  For todaymight be time to reset boundariesStop chasing that which is running awayIt’s exhausting to keep trying to fix things that need to be let go of gracefully – so it/they can disintegrate naturally. Painful or disappointing situations/events (that usually start in childhood) are subconsciously registered as “negative emotions” and we call it “normal.”  We then create a “story” of “my life” that the body interprets as “default truth” – – and seeks to reproduce the experience so “I can feel OK.”  Whoa – – wait a minuteWhat IF “I” am more afraid of fulfillment that “I” am of suffering?  Freedom begins INSIDE.  Take a look inside – take a look outside.  What’s different now than 2013?  How am “I” different?  How are “me and my body” getting along?  Is it time to change “my story?”  Let Freedom Ring!  All is well!  ❤

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