Step 183: Many Roads – One Path

“Sedulous – (adjective) – involving or accomplished with careful perseverance; diligent in application or pursuit.” 
Fate and destiny call out to each of us.  We’re in ‘purge and clear’ mode – time to clean out the refrigerator (again).  Check expiration dates on relationships, habits, thoughts and beliefs.  July brings the ‘cut-off-point.’  The answer has been hiding in plain sight – simplicity hides in complexityAsk questions – the moment that happens – the brain releases serotonin and this thing called “instinctive elaboration”  kicks in – yep – we put on our ‘thinking-caps‘ that start volunteering solutions.  Stop focusing on “why can’t I”  —- and ask —– “how can I?”  Questions evolve over time.  For today – consider that using questions as a process ensures we’re aligned and it’s easier to discover areas of disconnectThe past is continually revealing new things about itself as we grow in consciousness and change our perspective on it. We’re witnessing the turning from “entitled individual” back to “community strong.”  It’s going to take time.  There are no quick-fixes – but rather many steps – taken by many travelers – and all roads lead to the same place.  YESwe are all on the same path – whether we realize it or not.  Try to see from another’s point of view – judge no one until you have walked in their shoes.  Be kind.  Get clear.  Go inside.  Steady breathing.  Stop shallow breathing.  Be OK with uncertainty.  Be OK with yourself.  No one in a million years can guess how it will all turn out – we’re not “there” yet!  See?  All is well!  ❤

Here’s an example of “community-strong” – it’s call Food Waste Cafes!  Click here! 

Credit: Truth Beckons

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