Step 181: Chapter 7 – Breaking the Chain (Sequels – Prequels – Reboots)

“Afflatus – (noun) – a divine imparting of knowledge or power; inspiration.” 

Nature maintains balance by eliminating excess.  We are officially through one-half of 2019 – what do you remember from January?Are you NOW where you wanted to be in Janaury?  Where do you want to be in January 2020?  The “past” is about to start making sense this monthSomething is beginning – Something is ending – Simultaneously.  Without options – the path is clear.  Less is MORE.  For today – what’s important to remember is that we rarely remember the past accurately.  What we do remember from past events is the “LAST MEMORY” of the event.  Memories change each time we recall a past event.  Memories aren’t “files” to be pulled up.  They’re a story that we keep editing every time we “remember.”  And we attach emotions to the “memory” every time we tell “that story.”   What story do “I” keep telling?  Expect to be inspired.  Miracles happenoften when we least expect them –  when we ask questions.  Be curious.  Be kind.  Be calm.  Remain neutral.  Be yourself.  No one will be bored this week.  You are loved!  All is well!   ❤

The Great American Eclipse – August 21, 2017!

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