Step 179: Embracing Wholeness

“What is this mind of ours: what are these atoms with consciousness?  Last week’s potatoes!”  ~Richard Feynman

Some changes don’t change anything. Water achieves stillness in the cold. You can switch places on a teeter-totter and not upset the balance. By focusing on the “flow” – we KNOW that all will get to where it is going.   Think back to Summer 2001 and 2002 Is it the same – or – differentHow has my old life been altered?  Perseverance – Collaboration – Problem-Solving.  For todaybreathe deep and exhale slowly – oxygen is unconditional love from the UniverseFeel THAT Love!  Witness the relationship between “things” happening.  Notice the relationship between unrelated puzzlesE=mc2 proved there is no “here” and “now.”  It all happens simultaneously. See? It’s a Paradox – connect dots.  Nothing is separate – everything is connected. Trust yourself – find time for stillness. There is more than meets the “I.”  All is well! 


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