Step 178: One-Sided-Coin

“Volition – (noun) – the power of choosing or determining; an act of making a choice or decision.”

Nothing exists outside the Universe.  It’s a “one-sided-coin”  Surprise – We’re all stuck inside it together.  We need a frame of reference and context to create new rules of observationPoint of view.  There are many views – and each one has only partial information about the rest of the Universe. We currently use the laws of ‘known’ physics and try to “scale them up” to fit a misunderstood UnknownIt’s a Paradox.  Due to early familial-religous-educational – indoctrination we’ve been led to believe that we need “expertsto guide us – tell us how to think – what to believe – and – take care of me.  “Whaaat???”  We are much stronger and wiser than we’ve been led to believeMemory creates Time.  Some prefer the memories of “days gone by.”  Some are busy creating future-forward-memories.   For todaywork with limitation.  It always precedes the birth of more life.  Without limitation we wouldn’t be able to give it one last push – like a woman giving birthSelf-responsibility is a radical actMany fear it.  It’s scary.  Consider your point of view regarding “Self-Sovereignty.”  Being your own expert.  Being yourself.  Being your own Guru.  Being your own Shero.  Trusting yourself.  Love yourself.  All is well!   ❤


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