Step 176: Soulvolution

“Preternatural – (adj.) 1. Beyond nature or what is normal, extraordinary, super unnatural, otherworldly. 2. Inexplicable by normal reasoning.”
An unexpected Truth arrives today – revealing what’s been covered up.  It’s “Self-Evident.”  Is it time to wipe the slate clean?   Seeing is believing – but – point of view determines what is “seen.”  On a scale of “I totally ignore it ” to “I try to listen most of the time” – – how much time and attention do you give your Soul each dayIs it conscious cooperation and/or resistanceFor today – Life is juicy!  Truth does not confuse. The real question is – “what kind of outcome am I hoping for or expecting?”  Seeing is believingNow – – what are you SEEING Love your anger.  Love your tears.  Love your joy.  Love your body.  Love your doubt.  Love your pain.  Love your faith. Love your flaws.  Love yourself.  Love your courageLOVE IT ALL!   Be your own Shero – you can save yourself!  All is well!   ❤
Credit – Alana Fairchild – “Shakti”

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