Step 171: The Long Slow Dance

“If you always do, what you have always done – you will always get, what you have always gotten.”  ~ A Wise Person

“Before I die, I want to ____________.”   Sun stands still – Summer Solstice – longest day – shortest night in the Northern Hemisphere.  We begin our descent into the Darkness after reaching the peak.  Bodies are born – we are not.  Bodies die – we do not.  We cycle through the Seasons and call it “my Life.”  The Unconscious is waking upSome are disappointed.  Some are conflicted.  Some gain clarity.  Some find resolution.  Return to “my” Core.    For today – no matter what – embrace and lean in. Resisting prolongs pain.  Seeds planted last Fall are going to begin blooming.  Asking “WHY” is the first step to surrendering to the Intelligence of the Heart.  Once a body dies – the Mind disappears – it’s a construct created by “my brain” to help “me” function as an Earthwalker.  “Lions and tigers and bears – oh my!”  Question everything! There is a Hope and/or a Dream – but it will require long-term-commitment.  How far do you want to go – how much are you willing to risk? Stretch your body – stay hydrated – get out in Nature and laugh out loud (at least once) today!  You can save yourself – Be your own Shero!  Be kind. Have compassion. Look into a stranger’s eyes.  All is well!  ❤

The Long Slow Dance – Analemma – Solstice! 🙂



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