Step 170: Pause and Effect

“Insipience – (noun) – lack of wisdom; foolishness.”

Spirituality is about to go Mainstream and America WILL grow up.  Without “contrast” the Soul could not evolve.  Expect InspirationClear the Mind and observe – while letting go of any AND all preconceived outcomes.  Turn it over to Spirit – because we really don’t understand or know – just yetSoon.  Some favor the path of “no change” at the moment – it’s called “easy compromise.”  Intention is determined by a reason – motivation.  Many are coming to grips with previous choices.  For today look at the windows in your room right now – are they on the inside or the outside of the wallPerspective.  Water is the most powerful force on Earth – it can travel into places unseen – wearing down any surface given enough time.  To a man in the desert – it has to power to give life.  To a man in the ocean – water has the power to destroy.  Stop trying to “push” the riverPerspective. Shhh – – Listen.  Be yourself – you are so much more than you can possibly imagine.  All is well!  ❤

Credit: NASA

4 thoughts on “Step 170: Pause and Effect

  1. thats just plain smazing..
    I have a post scheduled for tomorrow…and I had..HAD….lol… this picture that you jave in this post….of the view of the sun from each planet…with full focus on the weight of perception…
    So..i shifted ….NOW..i have changed that photo…but i HAD to share the story with you!!!!
    Have a most amazing day🌹


    1. Oh that’s so cool – please don’t change the picture on my account. It tells me we’re all syncing up – for lack of better words. I take it as a “high compliment” when stuff like that happens. It’s kind of like the Universe says, “see – the group is slowly coming together so just keep going.” We all have our own unique style – but in the end – ALL paths are really just One Path! Thank you for sharing – you made my day! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That syncronicity expanded my perception and i changed it for the view no longer fit the words!!
        Your post today rang all bells and whistles in my world and my sense of hearing went dimemsional!
        This was very helpful for me and validated the awareness to pause..then pause some more!!! became weightless
        Love, Light🌹 and magic🎉


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