Step 168: And the Shero said – – ‘how much you wanna’ risk?’

Think back to July 2018.  What was the “focus?”  The Heart has a higher form of Knowing than the Mind.  It rarely makes sense – rarely is it logical.  Deep inside it just feels “right.”  Trust that Knowing.  We’re in Transition.  July 2018 is connected to January 2020 CulminationWhat if you were to discover that before you were born – every experience of “my life” was planned out in advance – by a Mysterious Genius Intelligence that “my” Mind cannot fathom nor comprehendSouls-seek balance – living life from all sidesDeep seeded illusions keep us hanging on to the pastFor today – it’s important to remember that the Soul will use crisis and challenge to create the need to “choose.”  What “either/or” situation are you choosing?  If “I” change my story“I” change my life!  Remember that today!  What is motivating the choiceBe your own Shero – trust yourselfAll is well!  ❤

Let’s celebrate a SheroDr. Sally K. Ride – who one this day in 1983 – became the first American woman in space.  I can’t wait for the day when we can lose the labels!   

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