Step 158: Time – Lapses

Our common bond – as humans – are the challenges we face.  Everyone is going through something.  In the coming weeks the winds of change will begin to blow much stronger.  When the Mind is overstimulated – it brings an opportunity for the Heart’s Intelligence (not emotions) to be heard.  Let’s call it “Inner Knowing.”  The Heart Knows – it’s not rational – nor logical.  Connect the dots!

A “prayer request” went out between May 21st – July 10th, 2009. There was a willingness to go to great lengths to lay a proper foundation.

A second prayer request was made 12/20 – 26, 2009. It was understood that to have the prayer answered would require “selflessness.

By June 26, 2012 – The coming change was sensed – so we could either protect self or receive maximum benefit. It required extreme listening.

By September 17, 2015 – frustration (like translating colors into words) had culminated as the agenda in the original prayer request had not been reached – nor remembered.  It opened the door to Divine Discontent.

By January 14, 2019 – the message was “Slow down – as fast as you can!”  Loss may or may not have been viewed as a tragedy.  Non-attachment was necessary to understand the Soul Invitation to create space for “more.”   Moving to Higher Ground.

June 21, 2019 – The Universe presents a “Pop Quiz” to see if the Soul/Ego have integrated to allow a “natural manifestation” to occur.  One without manipulation, coercion or effort. Nature’s agenda overtakes the Ego-Agenda.  Things hidden in the “depths” are rising to the surface this week.  There is a BIG difference in being humble and humiliation.

Be open – be kind – be compassion – but – above all – be your own Guru – you’re own Shero – listen to the Heart’s Song.  Have faith – and as you look back – understand there is purpose and meaning in every experience.  “My Soul” sees it all as experienceTen years is nothing to my Soul – a BLIP!  And one more thing – that original prayer request will be answered in September (Light/Dark Union).  The Heart Knows!  All is well!  ❤


Enjoy watching the time go by……

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