Step 157: Top of Mind Awareness

“Humans punish themselves endlessly for not being what they believe they should be.”  ~ Don Miguel Ruiz

Beliefs change – while facts remains the same.  Advertisers spend billions of dollars researching how to “get into our head-space.”  They understand that – at any given moment – only 1% of the population is in need of their products/services.  By advertising endlessly – the premise is that when you NEED it – you will “remember” them.  They understand that the human brain MUST be exposed to a message a minimum of 3x before it registers something new.  It takes another 3-4x of hearing the same message before the “Mind” will “take action.”  For today – “lightening in the Heart” brings recognition of a new Truthone that’s been present all along – but it had not risen to “Top of Mind” status.  It’s the 7th time we’ve been exposed to the message and it’s called “sudden realization.”   Something needs to be communicated.  Allow others to react as they are going to – without trying to control how they perceive the “message.”  Be Mindful – be kind – be aware.  Be your own Shero – you’ve got this!  All is well!  ❤


YES – I see the Light!   I “get it!” 🙂

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