Step 155: Cosmic Tag – “You’re It!”

That “heat” felt within comes from the Soul.  Humans want to get to the “outcome” without going through the “process.”  We’re in the “process” of sorting and balancing.  We’re preparing the “next step.”  The Soul’s goal is to experience life from all sidesYes – we want to KNOW.  Yes – we want certainty.  In the end – we each have to choose our own path. Oppression FORCES us to move – to change – to choose.  We’re standing on the edge of transformation.  For today – an amazing discovery is made – life is a game of Cosmic Tag.  You’re It – you’ve always been It.  Everyone on the planet is playing the “game” – – but we don’t know it as long as we wear the MASK society wants us to.  Go deep – Remove the mask – TAG – “you’re It!”  All is well!  ❤


Credit: Joel McPhee

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