Step 154: More or Less

It’s difficult to be at peace when one wants more.  What “more” do you want?  When arguing with a fool – it gets harder to determine who the “fool” is – especially the longer the conversation goes on.  Our beliefs change over time – even if the facts and numbers don’tSpeaking from the Heart.  When the student is ready Wisdom appears.  There’s more to the world than meets the eye – it’s safe to let go now.  Experience CONTRAST.  We see what is – by seeing what it NOT.  For today – stand still – quiet the Mind – allow inspiration from the Heart to rise to the surface. Don’t be surprised when Unintended Consequences are revealed. Do you take the risk you have chosen with the understanding that no matter what happens it is the right action being delivered at precisely the right time Answer – There is meaning and purpose to every moment in a Human Lifetime.  All is well! ❤


Credit: Truth Beckons

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