Step 148: Answered Prayer

Start preparing!  Think back to December 20-25, 2018.  Prayers were sent into the Ethers – asking for guidance.  Around January 6, 2019illumination and clarity arrived (for some it was shocking).  How was the “clarity” handled?  Was it dealt with directly and immediately – or were avoidance techniques used?  Whatever “IT” was – understanding is NOW coming to Light – in the days ahead.  Time to re-examine life to determine (using all of my senses) what is worth keeping and what needs to be discarded. For every death there is a rebirth.  For every ending there is a new beginning.  Consciously or Unconsciously we have each invited and asked for help from the Universe.  Cue Mission Impossible music – for today – go open your refrigerator and take a look.  Start by checking the “EXPIRATION DATES.”  Is it time to throw the “expired items” away?  As you’re checking the “expired dates” ask yourself – – “what was going on in my life then?”  Make adjustments as needed – honor yourself – keep your sense of humor – – and above all – – remember – Minds and Parachutes work BEST when OPEN!  Be humble – steady – neutral. Don’t look back – there’s nothing there.  Be your own Shero – you got this!  And YES – The Universe has an incredible sense of humor!  All is well!  ❤

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