Step 147: Channeling Your Inner Patti LaBelle (Turn Up the Volume)

We are never alone.  That’s NOT an opinion.  Without limitation humans would not make choices. Humans want to be certain.  Humans want to know.  Humans do NOT want to decideProceed with kindness today – but know that no one individual is responsible for HOW another “feels.”  We are each responsible for you OWN Self.  It’s a personal choice.  Moving away from “Linear-Thinking” into “Circular-Thinking” takes practice.  The Universe is patient and will keep repeating until we each learn.  It’s time to channel your Inner Patti LaBelleNew Attitude Required.  Be inspired – find your passion.  What if “I” loved “my” heartache awayBe your own SHERO!  Yes – – You RockAll is well! ❤ ❤ ❤


Dancing on the ceiling is perfectly acceptable too!  🙂



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