Step 145: Enjoy The Ride – (Sunday Blessings)

“Seriatim – (adverb/adjective) – In a series; one after another; steps ascending or descending gradually.”
Work with Nature!  It’s called “POWER PLAY.”  It’s going to be a “power-full week.”  Acknowledging “darknessFEEDS it power.  Retreat empowers opposition.  Conflict SUCKS energy leaving “me” vulnerable to pain (physical or psychically).  For today – OBSERVE – step back from the “power-play.”  The Ego wants to kick-ass and take names.  Witness the IRONY – see the HUMOR.  A “challenge” is currently exhausting itself.  Every storm runs out of rain.  Stop feeding fear – this is just a test.  There are benevolent forces at work – whether we are aware of it or not.  Faith and trust are needed.  Just a few more steps down the road – and all will be revealedCreativity blossoms in times of darkness or confinementTake a breath – rest – relax.  Allow Nature to “have Her way.”  Above all – – – count your blessings.  All is well! ❤
Where are you Starman?  🙂

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