Step 140: Mentally Captured – OR – The Death of Indecision

“Apprise – (V) – To tell, inform, notify.

Expect news.  Think back to March 14th Information was sought. What was learned then – now requires Honoring Self.  Gaining Momentum.  The greater the desire the greater the transparency required. The shock of the unexpected can wake us up so that we see reality in a new way. Track your own Energy – The unconscious becomes conscious.  Be generous with Common Sense. Humans are learning to Unbecome. It’s never what we “think.”  For today – Honor Self.  Choices made today have consequences July 22nd – which brings another new beginningIt’s a Paradox – Neverending.  What may have seemed so very difficult to accomplish is NOW found to be effortless. Be friendly.  Be open.  Be curious.  Be perceptive. Be kind.  Be yourself.  Be your own Shero.  Be your own Guru!  Dance with “Lightness of Being.”  Laughter is the best medicine (especially when laughing at Self).  Enjoy the RideAll is well!  ❤

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