Step 126: Sunday Blessings

Allowto permit, let, authorize, give someone permission to, give authorization to, give leave to, sanction, grant, grant someone the right, license, empower, enable, entitle, qualify.”

A Gift of Clairvoyance. Coming into alignment. Think back to January 6, 2018. Remember that decision made after such careful thought?  Gradual progress. Lest we get confused about Human Purpose here on Earth – the “Trip of a Lifetime” is about surrender – so the Soul can integrate and align – Body + Soul.  We each HEAR a Calling.  Some hear it as a mere “whisper,” while others hear a Symphony Orchestra.  Can’t put thoughts/emotions on the “back burner” forever.  Eventually they surface.  For today – Someone (maybe you) may come along and say – “I double-dog-dare-you.”  We empower ourselves when we stop using the outer world to define our self-worth. It requires self-discipline and emotional maturity to NOT get sucked into “conforming to the status quo.”   No matter what happens TRUST YOURSELF above all others.  Dare OR Not –  it’s a personal choice!  Expect to be inspired today!  Be your own Shero.  All is well!  <3​​



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