Step 123: Context – Nature – Substance

“Showing that they don’t care about me, or caring that I should know they don’t care about me, still denotes dependence. They show me respect precisely by showing me that they don’t respect me.” ~Soren Kierkegaan
August 2017Do you remember your priority-dream-goal-vision?  How has the focus changed – and – what is the current priority-dream-goal-visionIt’s called “re-organizing perception.”  Love is a word – until you give it meaning.  Hate is a word – until you give it meaning.  Miracle is a word – until you give it meaning.  Would you allow someone to look out for your best interests when they’ve already proven they only look out for themselves?  Love – Hate – Miracle.  Karma is NOT a “Cosmic Debt.”  It’s the ability to experience Life from ALL SIDES! Words have power.  Be AWARE!  All is well! ❤

2 thoughts on “Step 123: Context – Nature – Substance

  1. August 2017…..
    You created an amazing portal in this guidance…and I immediately saw the bridge I built….to here….Namaste’ and thank you… It is nice to realize that our thoughts manifest much quicker these days…but…to see this pathway to my current creation…was a joyous reminder of how far indeed I have journeyed…and how acceptance was mastered….Blessings abundant ♥

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    1. Oh – we’re at it again – I almost didn’t say it the way it is here – but I went with my original text! Thank you so much. Blessings to you too! ❤


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