Step 120: Time Stands Still

We each have an Inner Mentor.  Think back to January 22, 2019Take a moment to reflect on significant events since thenWhat is the state of your relationship – between the Inner-Self and Outer-Self?  Are they aligned?  Are they getting along together?  Are they working at cross-purposes?  It’s important and we have TIME – – until the end of September to clarify this relationshipYes – everyone gets a 2nd chanceTime will tell.  All is well!    ❤

2 thoughts on “Step 120: Time Stands Still

  1. In reflection this morning, I kept getting CONNECTIONS and feeling an expansion in not simply unity but the relationship to the deeper connections shaping.
    Anyway, so I posted my channel in the flow and opened my emails and here is this great guidance..validating the energy perceived..thanks so much for the road map…checking my journal back to the January 22 entry…see where Spirit and I were residing at that “time” Namaste’.


    1. Oh I love when that happens to me – thank you so much for this. I almost changed my message, but followed “from the Heart!” We helped one another today! Thank you! ❤

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