Step 116: Balance

“​I’m not here to expand or protect my comfort zone. I’m here to destroy it and evolve. To rise from the ashes of my smaller self. Over and over. To escape stability. To dance on the edge of me without falling over.​  ~Andrea Balt​ 


Love heals the fear of change. It’s time to begin coming to terms with that which haunts us.  It’s just like walking into a dark room.  Pause and let your eyes get adjusted – then and only then – can we actually “sense” the Light-Switch!  Look and much can be seen in the dark.  Ahhhh….The more we commune with our instinctive nature the more we are able to understand and embrace it.  Trust yourself – Be Your Own Guru.  Between April 22nd and May 3rd – we are receiving a preview of coming attractions for 2020.  Pay attention.  We have more power than we realize.  It’s a Paradox – both sides are now Self-Evident.  Adjust as needed.  All is well!


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